3 Enzy Sponge

One Step Clean

Neutral Cleaner Sponge

One Step Clean

“In addition to meticulous endoscope reprocessing, a specific infection prevention plan must be implemented to prevent the transmission of pathogens in the unit …”


3EnzySponge and NeutralCleanerSponge are the best tools available for the operator to help in prevention of infection transmission.

Both products are a “one-step-action” for a primary flush and wipe of endoscopes.

To reduce the infection transmission the pre-cleaning step should start as soon as the endoscope is removed from the patient.

For a good removal action the use of NeutralCleanerSponge is strongly recommended.

For a deep and a long-lasting  action the 3EnzySponge is the most recommended.

Both product are made with a unique blend of chemicals 100% biodegradable (following the EU rules)

Both products are provided in a transparent container allowing the operator to see the quantity of product that is aspirated through the channel and the shaped sponge help the operator to remove the organic residual from the endoscope.

  • High concentration
  • Perfectly soluble
  • Low cost
  • High conveninence