HMC 9 is a medical device for high-level disinfection (cold sterilization) in washing machine (endoscopes washing machine, ultrasound washing machine) of reusable medical devices. Made of powder that releases peracetic acid in a solution; specifically intended for high-level disinfection of reusable medical devices, medical instruments in dentistry, hospitals and healthcare environments (endoscopes, bronchoscopes, laparoscopes, respiratory tubes, and anesthesia equipment). HMC 9 represents a safe, efficient, and advantageous system for making disinfecting solutions by simply dissolving in water.

It has optimal ecological-environmental compatibility. HMC 9 is active at the level of bacterial spores, Mycobacterium tuberculosis and common bacteria, (bactericidal, tuberculocidal, sporicidal), yeasts (yeasticidal) and viruses (including hepatitis B, C and HIV viruses). The activated solutions of HMC 9 are clear and transparent and allow for efficient visual examination of the instruments being treated by the operator in case of manual use.

  • Easy to use
  • Fast activation
  • Fast High Level Disinfection
  • Safe
  • No Boron emission (complying with the EEC regulations and the W.H.O. advices)

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